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Welcome to the Messaging Blog!

We love a good messaging strategy. We love a good messaging strategy blog! Here is our humble offering to the genre. Scan through them, share them, and comment! We want to hear what you think!


Brand education to the rescue!

Recently, I had the great opportunity to present a webinar to members of the In-House Agency Forum, a professional association for those companies which rely on internal agencies to meet…
Douglas Spencer
February 20, 2018

Brand Minute: MOO

A quick thought about MOO's packaging. What are your thoughts on their packaging; is it too much or do you think its really cool? Let me know by commenting below!…
Douglas Spencer
January 30, 2018

Brand Minute: Underdogs

What is your favorite dominant brand which used to be an underdog? Let me know, in the comments below!   Full transcription below.   Hi, Douglas Spencer here from Spencer…
Douglas Spencer
December 15, 2017
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