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Virtual or full-time, we’re here to build your brand.


Douglas Spencer

Founder, President

Douglas Spencer is founder and president of Spencer Brenneman, LLC. He started the business because he wanted to bring the power of a well-crafted brand strategy to small- and mid-sized businesses.


Ryan Kelley

Account Coordinator

As Account Coordinator, Ryan works with clients on brand strategy, marketing, positioning, copywriting, and content development and is responsible for ensuring that each Spencer Brenneman project runs smoothly and efficiently.


Neal Strauss

Social Media Strategist

Neal Strauss is a Social Media Strategist who finds the best way to share your story with a growing audience. He matches your brand with the appropriate media vehicle in an effective and creative manner. Neal works with companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 corporations.


Kim Vanni

Senior Art Director

Kim’s vast marketing and design experience runs the gamut from one of Forbes’ “Most Valuable Brands,“ to non-profit associations she cares about. There’s even a 6-foot Papier-mâché dragonfly in her portfolio.


Matt Fitzgerald

Web Developer

Matthew is a media specialist focused on building brands through disparate forms of media. With a background in photography, film, graphic design, & web development; a true one stop shop for crafting a company’s identity & presence.


Joseph Raccuglia

Marketing Strategy

For 10 years, Joseph has helped business lines focus their message and deliver it in an effective and efficient manner across product, channel, and customer types to drive positive outcomes on KPIs. Joseph is in-tune with the unique challenges of startups as well as marketing in a platform theory.

Jan Hunter

Jan Hunter

PR Strategist

President of Hunter & Co Communications. Experienced public relations strategist, and former radio journalist with extensive experience in global public relations and marketing communications. Start-up advisor and content market leader.

steve thomas

Steve Thomas


Steve is a practiced marketing copywriter able to quickly match tone and voice to brands. He has over three years experience working with businesses and agencies, helping reach new customers and showcase what makes them unique.

Noah conti

Graphic Designer

Design has always been a major part of Noah’s life, and he believes that good design has the power to improve people’s lives. Both during and after his years at Wentworth Institute of Technology, Noah has helped businesses in various industries visually define and refresh their branding to market to wider audiences. 

anthony greer


Anthony helps brands discover their verbal identity and their unique selling proposition. As a writer, he has worked with over a dozen companies across multiple industries to improve their web content so that they can better reach their target market. Anthony also has a background in business and marketing management and writes fiction in his spare time. 


SEO Specialist

With over six years of SEO experience, Nate develops and implements SEO analytics that deliver organic results for any website. Nate makes it easy for small businesses and startups to use SEO not only to grow their business, but also to learn the fundamentals of SEO and digital marketing.

About Douglas Spencer

“I love branding,” says Spencer Brenneman, LLC President Douglas Spencer. “Your brand strategy is your business’ very best friend. It’s part coach, part conscience. Part parent, part partner. Judge and jury. Conductor and station agent. Most of all your brand strategy keeps you focused on who you are, what you do, and how you do it differently than anyone else. It’s crucial that every company starts with brand.”

Douglas’ Background
Douglas Spencer has more than 20 years of marketing experience, working with professionals from around the world in verticals such as financial and professional services, healthcare, media and nonprofit. Before starting Spencer Brenneman, LLC he was most recently Vice President, Global Head of Brand Management for Thomson Reuters, a leading provider of intelligent information with offices in more than 100 countries worldwide. In that role, he guided the migration of the multiple Thomson and Reuters businesses to form the new Thomson Reuters brand which consistently ranked within the top 50 of Interbrand’s Best Global Brands survey.

Douglas is a frequent speaker on how strong brands improve business performance through strategic alignment, employee engagement, brand governance, verbal and visual identities and more.

Want to talk to Douglas? Pick a time from his calendar that’s convenient for you.

About Ryan Kelley

As Account Coordinator, Ryan works with clients on brand strategy, marketing, positioning, copywriting, and content development and is responsible for ensuring that each Spencer Brenneman project runs smoothly and efficiently.

“Brand strategy is something that I’m very passionate about,” he says. “I am very excited to dive a little bit deeper with our clients to find out what their brands are, how we can help them improve them, and to get them to where they want to be.”

Ryan has two years of marketing and business development experience including a stint as an International Student Advisor for Northeastern in Dublin, Ireland. At Northeastern he studied Communications with a minor concentration in Spanish.