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Brand Centers

With a brand center, anyone who works on your brand—from your internal team to freelancers and other vendors—can access always up-to-date guidance and quickly download the correct assets and templates.  It is quick to create and easy to update and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

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You won’t believe you ever managed without one:


Save time!

Less time is spent searching for logos, templates, taglines, and colors. It also reduces the amount of time spent waiting for approvals since everything kept on the brand center will have already been approved.

Avoid mistakes!

Never experience someone using the wrong logo, old colors, or outdated descriptions again.

Improve productivity.

Brand centers can significantly reduce the amount of wheel re-invention that goes on in most organizations. They also reduce the amount of time wasted looking or asking around for something.

Get your message out faster!

We are all asked to complete something “yesterday.” Having your messages ready to go and easy to find can get your words out in much shorter timeframes.

Increase revenue and visibility.

Did you know that brands presented consistently show an average revenue increase of 23%? Plus, brands that are consistently presented are 3 to 4 times more likely to experience brand visibility. Brand Centers improve the consistency of your message and, therefore, KPIs like these.

A stronger brand.

A 2021 market research study by Frontify found that 85% of all people surveyed believe the company brand would be stronger if the official brand guidelines were shared across the organization.

Internal Communication

Your brand center can support your internal communications efforts. For example, it can serve as a place to communicate news, updates, and announcements to employees. It can also house policies, forms, and links to third-party services, such as health insurance or other benefit providers.

Employee Engagement & Culture

You can also use your brand center as a place to promote your organization’s culture through features like recognition programs, employee profiles, and wellness resources.

Partner Portal

With the right permissions, your band center can be the perfect place to keep the not-for-everyone’s-eyes information you share with partners and other third parties.

Board of Directors

Create a single stop for all the information your Board of Directors needs to make their board service easy and effective. There, they can find key contacts, preferred ways to describe your organization and even a description of their roles and responsibilities.

Keep cohesion

According to a recent Frontify survey, 67% of employees create their own set of guidelines if they cannot find the official ones.
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