Case Studies

Finding an Organization’s Authentic Self


Despite an impressive start, the Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce knew they needed to improve their messaging strategy. They needed to focus on the Chamber’s brand. That’s where Spencer Brenneman comes in.

Building the Verativ Brand


After more than 20 years working in journalism, technology, and product management within big companies, Michael Bender was ready to start something on his own. Specifically, he wanted to create a consulting business that helped organizations see new possibilities in how they create, use, and sell their content.

Mini Case Study: A Brand Check-Up


When Dr. Steve Zivich started his private practice, Boston Direct Health, he went to a marketing agency for the basics. It did not go as well as he hoped. Sure, he got a logo, a brochure, and even a website. But, nothing really resonated with him or his potential clients.

Diving Deep to Find a Brand's Distinction


After nearly two decades in business, tax consulting firm GAGNONtax came to Spencer Brenneman for help with re-articulating their brand positioning, updating their visual identity, creating a naming architecture for their product offerings, and writing and designing a website that delivered improved SEO. Here’s what happened.

How Spencer Brenneman, LLC helped GaggleAMP articulate its brand, inside and out​


GaggleAMP’s CEO wanted to articulate the company brand that was created organically over the past seven years. That’s why he asked Spencer Brenneman, LLC to help put into words who GaggleAMP was as a brand and how they were unique. Download our latest case study to learn how we did it.​