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From social entrepreneurs to executive directors of global institutions, learn how we’ve helped our clients reframe their focus and remaster their messaging so that they can thrive in any environment. Even this one.

Working with Spencer Brenneman has invigorated us. I approach the work, my team approaches the work with a new level of excitement. We know we're going in the right direction and we know how to articulate our work differently. We are reminded that there are people who are invested in our success because that means a better society with healthier children.”

Tom KingExecutive Director, Massachusetts Children's Alliance

“Working with Spencer Brenneman helped us find a structure and cadence for our messaging that we just could not have found on our own. Douglas asked us thought-provoking questions that not only helped us with our message today but will also help with important decisions in the future.”

Mike LakePresident & CEO, Leading Cities

“The process impacted our work immediately—how we talk about what we do, what we choose to do, how we choose what not to do—and we rely on it to this day. Douglas got my vision out of my head and into our strategy and operations.”

Grace MorenoExecutive Director, Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce

“Spencer Brenneman led our organization through a re-branding and total overhaul of how we talk and think about our work. Douglas brought our team together in a way that I have never experienced! The outcome exceeded our expectations. Our team loved working with them.”

Catharine SmithExecutive Director, Center for Primary Care at Harvard Medical School

“I am so much more confident in the direction of our organization now that we have a more clear, consistent and compelling messaging strategy.”

John BasileBoard Chair, Pride in Our Workplace

“We absolutely LOVED working with Douglas Spencer. He helped us define how we speak about our core values and principles here at Wholesome Wave. He really understood what we were trying to say, artfully crafted great improvements to our language, and created such clear and wonderful guidelines for us to follow. We give him a 10 out of 10 would work with him again as well as recommend him to others!”

Benjamin Perkins Executive Director, Wholesome Wave

“[They do not] tell you what to do. Rather I was asked the right questions that pointed me to what I know is the best path forward.”

Diana PlaceFounder & CEO, Third Act Quest

“As a solo entrepreneur and medical doctor, my focus is on patient care and growing my medical practice. Douglas helped me more efficiently communicate my practice to prospective patients, which is a huge win!”

Steven Zivich, M.D.Founder, Boston Direct Health

“Douglas provided excellent guidance gave me the confidence to be one of the first occupational therapy practices to exist completely online via HIPPA compliant telehealth.”

Susan EpplingClinical Director, CBIT Therapy

“Working with the Spencer Brenneman team on our rebranding was a great experience. They were organized, responsive, and always willing to go way beyond what was expected when necessary.”

Kathleen KeenanGAGNONtax

“I was skeptical of the whole process when we got started. Now I’m a believer.

Michael BenderFounder, Verativ Consulting

“Working with Douglas, I was able to finally articulate my vision in a way that was clear and told a great story. It was a pleasure to work with him and his colleagues as they are patient and empowering. The process was enjoyable and the outcomes were more than I expected. Douglas has a magical way with words to ensure any audience is captivated by the services one offers. I would work with him again and again!”

Jonil CasadoExecutive Director Chef & Owner, Flavors of Your Palate

“Launching a business is not easy and in order to succeed you need to be surrounded by the right people. I hired Spencer Brenneman to conduct market research and develop brand positioning and my brand’s uniqueness. They helped tremendously for the next step of my adventure as an entrepreneur. I highly recommend them!”

Olivier Jamin ChangeartOJC Artisan of Sound

“We started working with Spencer Brenneman in the summer of 2015. Douglas has always been extremely welcoming and insightful. He gave honest and instructive advice. Working with Douglas accelerated our learning curve and growth. I would highly recommend him to anyone serious about their company’s success.”

Soumya GanapathyFounder, NextClinica

“The great thing about working with Spencer Brenneman, LLC is that they understand my business and can take my thoughts and turn them into exactly the positioning we need.”

Ray HaarstickCEO, Relevant Equity Systems, Inc.

“Spencer Brenneman, LLC's Douglas Spencer has made [a] tremendous impact at Startup Institute. He seamlessly connects the best practices of large, innovative businesses with the mindset and realities of startups and smaller organizations.”

Peggy YuCOO, Startup Institute
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