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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we work with Spencer Brenneman?

Maybe you shouldn’t! We’re not for everyone and everyone is not for us. However, some of the reasons that you should work with us if we are indeed a match include:

  • We know what we’re doing!
  • We all have a genuine commitment to helping organizations who are helping us all.
  • We’re good fun.
  • We do not disappoint.

What is a mission-driven organization?

When we say mission-driven organizations, we mean not-for-profits, associations, social enterprises, and B Corps.

We’re a for-profit business, does that mean you won’t work with us?

There is nothing wrong with for-profit organizations. We’re happy to talk to any organization with a purpose beyond making you and your shareholders wealthier. A great example of that is our recent client, DriveWealth. Their platform is helping to democratize investing. Good stuff!

What do you know about nonprofit organizations?

Our founder, Douglas Spencer, has a lifetime of nonprofit service, including two years as chairman of a $100 million community health center and research institute. Professionally, he has also worked in healthcare and higher education. That’s in addition to more recent work with the Center for Primary Care at Harvard Medical School, the Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce, and the Massachusetts Children’s Alliance.

How big are you?

We’re a small, agile team that makes a big impact—and we’ve been virtual long before it was popular. Our business model allows us to match specific skill sets and experiences to your needs from a much larger talent pool. As a result, we’re continually refreshing our proven methodology, saving us from the deadly, “but we’ve always done it that way” curse.

Where are you?

Through the magic of the internet, we’re everywhere! Seriously, we’re headquartered in Boston but work with professionals from around the United States.

Can I join your network of talented freelancers?

Well, maybe. Who are you? We don’t work with just anybody, but you may very well be someone we do. We are always open to meeting new talent and professionals. Set up a time to speak with Douglas and we’ll go from there.

Can I write for your blog?

Sure! We love hearing new ideas from people passionate about great branding and marketing. Send your blog ideas to

Who is Brenneman?

Great question! Douglas Spencer is also Brenneman. Because “Spencer” is a fairly common surname, Douglas decided to add his mother’s maiden name, Brenneman, to the name of the company. He is equally proud of the influences each family had on making him who he is today. Although each had strong work ethics, the Spencers were more pragmatic and the Brennemans more creative—the perfect combination for helping organizations reframe their focus and remaster their message. Plus, both his parents were also life-long volunteers, instilling in Douglas a need to give back.

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