About Us

We believe in brand. And you.

We believe that branding is the foundation upon which successful businesses are built. Period. We’re a virtual team of strategic thinkers and passionate creatives who share one goal: helping you bring your brand to life, whether thats:

  • Creating a brand from scratch
  • Giving your existing brand flexibility to grow with an evolving market
  • Bringing brands together into one cohesive identity 

The Virtue In Virtual

We embrace and celebrate the benefits of the virtual team:

  • Professionals working on projects because they want to, not because they were assigned to them
  • The ability to match specific skill sets or experiences to a corresponding need from a much larger pool
  • Faster completion of projects when everyone is working at different times
  • Continually fresh perspectives ensuring our work is up to date and never a victim of the dreaded, “but we’ve always done it that way” curse.

Working virtually is a lifestyle choice. The people on our teams are not merely moonlighting: they are doing what they do best, the way they want to, on their own terms.  

Douglas Spencer

Founder, President


Senior Art Director


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