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We spend a lot of time helping our clients think about their brand, not solely in terms of its look and feel or the messaging that accompanies it. Rather, we help them look at their brands as conduits to long-lasting, emotion-based connections with their customers and employees.

Since it’s the Holiday Season now – and emotions are as prevalent as shopping bags and promises to hit the gym more in a month – it seems the right time to share some of our thoughts about healthy brands and their relationships with customers. In other words, how do strong brands create emotional connections with their customers? Through focusing their efforts on:

  • Seeing. Look at your customers not as sources of income, but as people whom you can help. This dynamic is especially important if your connections are virtual and your offerings commodities. 
  • Sharing. Interpersonal relationships are two-way streets, and customer relationships are no different. To the degree allowable by the guardians of your secret sauce, strive for as much transparency with customers as possible. Authenticity is a scarcity and having it can only serve as a potent differentiation.
  • Enjoying. Another two-way street is enjoyment. Create an environment in which your employees enjoy working with customers. Not only will your employee engagement metrics increase, your client retention stats will rise as well.
  • Thanking. Finally, gratitude goes a very long way in absolutely every situation. Find ways to say thank you, as often as possible, and mean it.
  • Humanizing. Tap into the humanity that connects us all, by celebrating the challenges and triumphs of life. Profile customers, employees, or anyone who would inspire your audience. A great example is this holiday video from Microsoft and its Xbox Adaptive Controller.

The New Year will be here before you know it. What are some of the ways you will strengthen your brand’s emotional connection with customers and employees? We would love to know! Comment here!

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