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June Newsletter 2023



Is the LGBTQ+ Support Authentic?

In this space, each month, I usually write about how organizations can craft messages that engage, energize, and excite the people most important to their success. At Spencer Brenneman, we will stay committed to that ideal. Still, this month, I want to write not just about how organizations disseminate messages but also about how we all consume them.

Are they standing up? Or standing down?

By now, you have undoubtedly seen a wide array of corporations rainbowing their logos supporting LGBTQ+ Month. Isn’t that nice? It might be. It might also be complete hypocrisy.

Signs of Authenticity

Here are five ways to identify authentic support for LGBTQ+ people. I understand this is a complex issue and that falling short in one area doesn’t necessarily mean their support is entirely inauthentic. However, in their totality, these signs can paint an accurate picture of corporations’ true values. Here they are:

Are you falling short or just doing your best?

What’s the difference between doing your best and falling short? That might sound like the opening of a dad joke, but it’s not!

Recently a client shared with us that they were falling short on an issue and they felt terrible about it.

The situation was this: Feedback from their constituents suggested that their website needed to support multiple languages. They ran the numbers and they just did not have the budget to do a multi-language site correctly. Their fear was that using an AI-based translation would send an equally bad message, because the output is often awkward and inaccurate.

Seeing limitations as failure happens more often than we realize. It’s another result of being too close to our work. By focusing so much on what we’re doing and not why we’re doing it, we lose perspective.


Amplify Latinx

In this recurring feature of Focal Point, we profile people and organizations on a mission! This month we are thrilled to feature one of clients—Amplify Latinx! (If you have someone to suggest, let us know! )

Amplify Latinx is ushering in a new era of Latino prosperity by creating a virtuous circle of leadership representation, policy influence, and economic mobility.

Through greater leadership representation, Amplify Latinx is able to influence policy choices that can help businesses and community members across all sectors. As the pool of prosperous Latinos grows, so too does the number of leaders representing the community who can continue to champion important policies. This creates a continuous cycle of growth and success.

For more information, visit

Non-Profit Branding

Tune into the Non-Profit Digital Success podcast to hear Douglas Spencer talk about brand strategy for not-for-profits! 

Well Said

“When Fascism came into power, most people were unprepared, both theoretically and practically...Only a few had been aware of the rumbling of the volcano preceding the outbreak.”

— Erich Fromm, Escape from Freedom

Erich Seligmann Fromm, March 23, 1900 – March 18, 1980, was a Jewish German-American social psychologist, psychoanalyst, sociologist, humanistic philosopher, and democratic socialist. He was a German Jew who fled the Nazi regime and settled in the U.S. He was one of the founders of The William Alanson White Institute of Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis and Psychology in New York City and was associated with the Frankfurt School of critical theory.

Point us in the right direction?

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