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Event Branding

Two organizations recently came to us looking for help with their event branding. Many organizations put a theme to their events for no other reason than they’re supposed to. But why? There are eight fundamental reasons why your events—whether those are conferences, fundraisers, team meetings, or customer events—need a specific theme or brand. The right one will:

  1. Frame your event’s content and the conversations people have about that content in consistent and memorable ways
  2. Keep the event focussed
  3. Attract those best suited to attend your event
  4. Help it stand out from other events your audience might want to attend
  5. Generate excitement before the event and maintain it throughout
  6. Build your organization’s brand awareness (more on that in a second)
  7. Anchor all the positive emotions your event inspires
  8. Increase attendee retention year-on-year

A quick note on #6: Build your organization’s brand awareness. When creating your event’s brand, it is critical that it draws inspiration from your organizational brand and not compete with it. Event branding is not an opportunity to toss your brand’s guidelines aside for a moment. It is there to enhance the standing of your masterbrand, so it, therefore, needs to draw similar creative inspiration.

Did we miss any? Let us know!

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