What does your Holiday Card say about You?

holiday cards

‘Tis the season… when some 2 billion holiday cards and 500 million e-cards create a blizzard of good wishes. We’ve all received ones that wowed us (and others that made us cringe). So how do you make sure yours stands out and makes the right impression for your brand? Here are a few tips. 1. […]

Brand Minute: Underdogs

underdog brand

What is your favorite dominant brand which used to be an underdog? Let me know, in the comments below!   Full transcription below.   [00:00:00] Hi, Douglas Spencer here from Spencer Brenneman with a quick Brand Out Minute!   [00:00:06] It’s hard to believe it is that time of year again, National Underdog Day is […]

Brand Minute: Thanksgiving


How will you thank your clients and customers this year? Take a minute with Douglas’ newest Brand Out Minute! Full transcription below. [00:00:00] Hi, Douglas Spencer here with Spencer Brenneman, and I have a Brand Out Minute just for the folks in the United States.   [00:00:07] I apologize if you’re from elsewhere, but this […]