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Confidence Within Your Organization: Does Yours Have It?

We rarely speak of the importance of confidence, at least not as it pertains to organizations. That’s unfortunate. An organization with confidence works more efficiently, more effectively, and with less stress. Plus, the journey’s all that much better for everyone!

First, what do we mean by organizational confidence? Organizational confidence occurs when everyone inside and out of the organization knows it is on the right path, that the work is essential, and no one else can do it as well as they can.

Confidence comes to life in practically every area of your
organization, starting with leadership. (That is, of course,
why it's called leader-ship.)

Organizational confidence is not a blind belief in an unfounded proclamation or trust in a charismatic leader. Instead, it comes from a sharp focus on the organization’s value that is eloquently and easily explained. Here’s a look at why confidence is important, when it’s needed, and where it shows up.

Organizational Confidence is Personal

Organizational confidence is a nice concept, but how does it come to life in the real world? Here are some typical personas that mission-driven organizations have and how they react with and without confidence.


ORGANIZATION WITH CONFIDENCE. Darius manages a team of 25 front-line customer service employees. He loves his job. He knows exactly what the organization needs from his team. More importantly, he knows how to help them grow professionally while advancing their common purpose.


ORGANIZATION WITHOUT. Darlene also manages a large team of junior employees. Her job is often frustrating and exhausting. Every day there are questions she can’t answer and situations that do not have a clear-cut path. Her employees like her but think she means well but is powerless to help.


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Literacy Partners

In this recurring feature of Focal Point, we profile people and organizations on a mission! If you have someone to suggest, let us know!

Literacy Partners strengthens families through a two-generation approach to education. With free classes, community workshops, and educational media, low-income and immigrant parents and caregivers develop the literacy and language skills they need to succeed in today’s world. Their research-based programs incorporate child development and parenting support to help parents and caregivers boost children’s early reading, social-emotional growth, and school readiness.

Designed to arm every parent and caregiver with the necessary tools they need to create success for themselves and a better future for the children in their care, Literacy Partners’ programs break the cycle of poverty, improve job prospects, and close the achievement gap for children before they even begin school.

Focal Pointing

Focal Pointing shares some of the books, podcasts, and emails that are helping us learn, create, and grow.

Choosing Purposeful Alignment by Tracey Green-Washington

Focused exclusively on mission-driven careers

Social Enterprises

Well Said

“Every day, women and girls are finding incredible confidence and taking risks. When they change one mind, pretty soon, they have changed one tradition...That new reality means new opportunities for themselves and their daughters.”

—First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden

Jill Biden

Jill Biden, Ed.D., is the First Lady of the United States, a community college educator, and bestselling author. She has a bachelor’s degree and a doctoral degree from the University of Delaware, as well as two master’s degrees from West Chester University and Villanova University. Since 2009, she has been a professor of English at Northern Virginia Community College and is thought to be the first wife of a vice president or president to hold a paying job during her husband’s tenure.

She is now the founder of the Biden Breast Health Initiative non-profit organization, co-founder of the Book Buddies program, co-founder of the Biden Foundation, is active in Delaware Boots on the Ground, and with Michelle Obama is co-founder of Joining Forces. She has published a memoir and two children’s books.

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