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Measure Twice, Cut Once

by Douglas Spencer​

When I was a little boy, I would watch both my grandfathers in their respective workshops tweak, fix, or build all sorts of wooden pieces. From actual grandfather clocks (Grandpa Spencer) to child-sized picnic benches (Grandpa Brenneman), they both knew their way around lumber, saws, and, most importantly, rulers.

They certainly didn’t coin the phrase “measure twice, cut once,” but they did repeat it. Even though the woodworking gene skipped me, I still think about that whenever someone comes to us and wants to go right to the creative, without doing any of the strategy work. They’re ready to cut, but don’t want to measure.

Ignoring your brand strategy and focusing on just your logo or website is dangerous. And, in the long run, it is expensive. Here are six reasons why:

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Worried About an Economic Downturn?

We are the last people to skew towards doom and gloom, but with the growing concerns of economic slow down brought on by the spread of the coronavirus, we thought we would remind you about our white paper, “Success in a Recession.” It shows how having a strong brand can help companies survive—and thrive—during a recession.  

Regardless, please take care of yourselves out there! Here’s what the Center for Disease Control (CDC) says about the virus.


Meet Melissa Berry: Aligning Sponsorships and Brand

Take a look at this fun discussion between Sponsorship Consultant Melissa Berry of BerryWorks and Spencer Brenneman Ring Leader Douglas Spencer. After a little walk down memory lane, Melissa and Douglas talk about the importance of aligning your Conference and Sponsorship strategy with your brand strategy.

A Case (Study) in Point

Want a great example of doing your branding homework? Check out our latest case study on our work with the Massachusetts LGBT Chamber of Commerce. Despite an impressive start, the Chamber knew they needed to improve their messaging strategy. They needed to focus on their brand. That’s where Spencer Brenneman comes in.

In Case You Missed It

Brands Built by African Americans

Strong brands commit to their brand strategies and stick with them. But, even the best brands need to make changes to their brand strategies from time to time. Here’s how to know when you should make brand changes.

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Socializing on LinkedIn and Twitter

If you’re not following us on social media, here’s a small sampling of what you’re missing. (To rectify that, start following us on Twitter and LinkedIn now!)

By the Numbers


Completion rate for projects that are not aligned to a strategy.


Completion rate for projects that are aligned to a strategy.


Projects not aligned to organizational strategy.

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