January Newsletter

January Newsletter

Millennials at the gate! 

We’re in the middle of helping a professional services client update and refine their brand. As part of our work, we recently interviewed their current and potential clients. One detail became clear for our client, which probably applies to you as well: Within three to eight years, Millennials will make buying decisions for their services.

Since creating a brand strategy takes into account the realities of today and the aspirations for tomorrow, understanding the Millennials’ expectations for your brand is a crucial step in the process. Where are Millennial preferences likely to impact brand strategies most? Here are just a few:

  • Technology — either the technology you sell or the technology you offer to support what you sell — must meet the expectations of digital natives. Paper is out, ease-of-use and interconnectivity are in.

  • Maintaining, happy, vocal clients is crucial to recruiting new ones, as Millennials are more socially connected, both personally and professionally, and rely more on crowd-sourced information and reviews.

  • Ownership is less important than access, which means that your business model or the way you release new features may require adjustment.

  • Finally, if you are not creating career paths for Millennials in your company today to help make decisions about your brand strategy soon, it’s time to start.

Are these thoughts consistent with what you are expecting? Let us know! Write a guest blog for us to challenge or support some of these assertions.


Here I come to save the day!

If you’re a fan of vintage cartoons, you’ll get that reference but, did you know that in the United States, Friday, December 15 was National Underdog Day? Spencer Brenneman, LLC President Douglas Spencer had some reflections on this un-ironically overlooked holiday. Take a look then share your thoughts!


Welcome, 2018! Predictions are in!

Happy New Year! What would the month of January be without countdowns of the top fill-in-the-blank from the previous year, and predictions for the one that just started? We’re all about looking forward, so we asked some of our favorite contributors and collaborators to share their predictions for 2018. Do us a favor: Take a look and (here’s the favor part), respond with your point of view.


“Designers are from Mars; Clients are…”

We’re creating a white paper on the divides that sometimes separate creatives and their line of business manager clients (internal or external) and would love to hear from you. Can you help us answer a few quick questions, such as:

  • If only my client understood that…

  • Why do my designers not realize that…

  • My creative output is driven by…

  • I approve creative work based on…

Sign up here to take our survey when it’s ready! We will publish these results in the Spring and present them at this year’s How Design Live in Boston, April 30 – May 3, 2018.

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