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Hey! Did you change your hair? There’s something different about you. 

Yes, yes, there is. To align our brand with our new focus, the Spencer Brenneman team applied their skills inward and updated our verbal and visual identity, both of which come to life most prominently in our new website! 

We updated our brand personality attributes, which means that both our verbal and visual identities had to reflect those changes. 

If you’re a marketer of any type, you’ll probably notice that our secondary color has changed from bright orange to purple. That purple beautifully underscores our commitment to Imagination, one of the two new brand personality attributes.

We also darkened our bright orange to speak to our other updated attribute, Humble. The new orange is a bit more serious and better plays off the red and purple combinations.

There’s a new kid in town too, namely a pale blue. It takes its inspirations from the throat chakra, which gives voice to the heart chakra and controls our ability to communicate our personal power. What better metaphor for helping mission-driven organizations reframe their focus and remaster their message?

As for our message, we made some tweaks there too by dialing up the ideas of focus and, again, humility.

Just as we document verbal and visual specifications for our clients, we’ve created a new brand guide for Spencer Brenneman. Want to see it? Let us know. We’re happy to share it with you.

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