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Spencer Brenneman is already working with many mission-driven organizations, including one that champions the innovative work that helps abused children and another that helps companies improve diversity, equity, and inclusion for LGBTQ+ professionals.

This summer, we also helped Leading Cities, a global non-profit trying to make the world’s cities smarter.

Leading Cities had a challenge. The work they do and the work they support is both comprehensive and complicated. How could they talk about it in a way that wasn’t?

“Working with Spencer Brenneman helped us find a structure and cadence for our messaging that we just could not have found on our own,” says Mike Lake, President & CEO, Leading Cities. “Douglas asked us thought-provoking questions that not only helped us with our message today but will also help with important decisions in the future.”

Before working with Spencer Brenneman, Leading Cities described themselves as an international nonprofit organization, is a global leader in Smart City solutions, city diplomacy, and collaboration advancing sustainability and resilient city strategies and technologies to improve the quality of life in cities around the world.

Now, the message is: “Leading Cities connects cities across the globe with the innovations that solve our most pressing challenges. We do that by cultivating a global network of forward-thinkers, nurturing and supporting the most promising startups, connecting them with cities ready to benefit from their work, and delivering advanced research, emerging trends, and technologies.”

For more information on Leading Cities, visit

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