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ignoring your message

Many leaders are ignoring their message, even though they know, deep down, they need to update their messaging, but they are, nonetheless, held back. Here are some of the common misperceptions that keep people from moving forward:

  1. We don’t have the budget. Fiscal discipline is important, no doubt. However, not investing in your message is like not getting regular check-ups, not putting oil in your car, or hoping that bills will just pay themselves.
  2. We can do it ourselves. How hard can it be? It’s not a matter of being easy or difficult; it’s a matter of having the right perspective. Those trees are hard to see if you’re staring at bark.
  3. We need to focus on the work, not the message. Your message is your work. Not only does it create more believers, but it also keeps you focused on what you do best and is needed most.
  4. People get it. But do they? To find out, ask five people in your organization if they can talk about what you do. You’re off to a good start if they all answer confidently and consistently. Then, share your message with five people not associated with your work. If they want to learn more immediately, you’re right. People probably do get it.
  5. Change is constant. It will be out of date before we’re done. You’re right! Change is constant, but a Focus & Messaging Framework can help you craft a message that changes with you and your world.
  6. It sounds exhausting. It certainly can be. But with the right guidance, the process and the end result can be exhilarating! (We have proof.)

If you’re ready to work on your message, let’s talk. We have a proven, always-evolving methodology to help you find your authentic, memorable, and impactful message.

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