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Challenging times! Spencer Brenneman Ring Leader Douglas Spencer checks in with some of his personal strategies for getting through them.

Hi, Everyone,

Douglas Spencer here with a virtual check-in and some personal commitments. If they work for you too, great!

First, as I said last week, I am committed to staying positive! Yes, we need to take this virus and its implications seriously. However, living in a state of continued worry and anxiety is not a viable option. We simply cannot let pessimism consume us. It makes rebounding from our situations that much harder.

Now, I get that some may have added layers of complexity that makes staying positive more challenging. For example, I will grant you that I am not in a house full of spring-feverish children in need of homeschooling. But as the airlines say, put on your own mask before helping others.

It’s easy to find discouraging news, and much of it we need to hear. However, I’m committed to finding and focussing on good news. For example, in Boston, the mayor made one call to Suffolk Construction who immediately sent over a massive team to help build a medical tent to treat the homeless population.

Second, I’m going to try to pitch in where we can. I can’t build shelters, but I can volunteer to help nonprofits and small businesses with any messaging challenges they are having. So, DM me if you’re a nonprofit or small business that could use some help sorting out what to say now or in the near future

Finally, staying connected. Social distancing doesn’t mean cutting yourself off from the world. I’ve started having virtual coffees with people to stay connected. Sign up if you’d like one. (Warning: I will publicly shame you, however, if you use it to try to sell me something.)

OK, all for now. I hope you can join me in pledging to stay positive, pitch in where we can, and staying connected.


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