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Challenging times! Spencer Brenneman Ring Leader Douglas Spencer checks in with some of his personal strategies for getting through them.

Hi, Everyone,

Douglas Spencer here with a quick virtual check-in!

First, I want to reaffirm my commitment to staying positive. Now, don’t get me wrong, I certainly have periods of thinking, Holy Shit! How and when is this all going to end? However, I truly believe that in order to experience any kind of prosperity now and in the future, we have to stay positive.

Another idea to share is that this is the perfect time to think about our customers’ future needs. Now may not be the right time to query them directly—you’ll know when the time is right—but in the meantime, let’s start compiling a list of questions. What do they envision their needs will be in the near future? How do they see us helping them? And, of course, we should ask the same of our employees.

OK, all for now. Stay positive, everyone. We’ll find our way. I promise.



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