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When you think of branding, what comes to mind? To many, branding stops at a logo, an ad, and maybe a catchy slogan. Those are just the cosmetics.

To us, a brand is like a person. It has a face and voice. It has its own unique personality that resonates with customers and sparks a connection. At Spencer Brenneman, LLC, our philosophy revolves around one simple idea: in order for our customers’ businesses to thrive, they have to start with their branding strategy.

Starting with brand means helping companies understand their higher purposes, the why they do what they do. It’s the foundation of their belief system. Getting them there is part strategy, part research, with just a little bit of soul searching too.

It also means helping them focus on what they do that is relevant and competitively differentiated from all the other options their customers have. What is their DNA? The fingerprints that are unique to them. Their branding strategy unveils the road signs that guide them from one decision to the next, as well as from one message to another.

Finally, how can the world recognize them for the unique brand they are? That’s where their visual and verbal identities come in. Just like you, every brand has a face. Every brand has a voice.

From simple marketing campaigns and website redesigns, to product launches and mergers and acquisitions, the brand strategy should guide everything. That’s why we Start with Brand.

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