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When it comes to bringing in a branding expert, we’re obviously biased. We think everyone should work with a branding expert at some point. But when? Here are some of the situations a branding expert can lend a helping hand.

  1. Course correction. Over time, it’s natural for people within an organization to focus inwardly. After all, they love what they do and they are committed to doing it well. The result is that often we forget what the outside world does and doesn’t know. In turn, your messaging misses the mark because it assumes prior knowledge that isn’t there. Branding experts can help you fix that.
  2. Objective opinion. Differences of opinion are healthy! They challenge us to consider other points of view and expand our understanding of the world around us. Yet sometimes differences of opinion can lead to stalemates which an outside expert can help reconcile.
  3. Specialized expertise. Most organizations, particularly smaller ones, don’t have the need or means to employ experts in areas like brand migrations, naming architecture, or brand governance systems. Enter the outside resource!
  4. Level setting. The word “brand” has different meanings for different people. For any organization to operate efficiently, they have to be on the same page about what brand means and how it impacts their work. This scenario is particularly damaging when senior management and marketing leaders are at odds. A branding expert can get everyone on the same page.
  5. Gut-checking. You’ve done the homework. You’ve conducted the research, spoken with all the right people, and aligned your branding with your business strategy. However, has your interpretation been affected by unconscious biases? To prove to your management or yourself that it hasn’t, let a branding expert offer a second opinion.

The way your organization connects with those most important to your success—aka your brand—is critical. Don’t go it alone. Bring in the helping hand of a branding expert periodically to ensure your brand continues to build your business.

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