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Challenging times! Spencer Brenneman Ring Leader Douglas Spencer checks in with some of his personal strategies for getting through them.

Hello! Douglas Spencer here with a quick virtual check-in! I’m still reaffirming my commitment to staying positive even though, and here’s the takeaway today folks, we are far from out of the woods.

Social distancing restrictions are starting to loosen, but that word is key. LOOSEN. Think of it like a rope tied around your wrists. There’s more wiggle room, but they’re still tied. Plus, the economy will be in ICU for quite some time even if we do not experience another spike in the virus down the road.

So, what to do? First off, we need to count our blessings. Large or small, count ‘em up! Sometimes the smallest, like a dog with stinky breath laying at your feet, are the most powerful.

Second, take care of ourselves. Loosen those self-tied ropes a bit. Talk a walk, mediate, even nap!

Third, we should all continue to prepare ourselves for the eventual return to some sort of normalcy. Make plans or learn something.

Finally, reach out to others. We’re two months into sheltering in place now and there are many people who are not handling it well. People who live alone, might be out of work, or missing a loved one lost to the virus. Some people are really hurting right now, some of them badly. A simple hello, nothing more, can help.

Please commit to helping, by commenting down below with a phrase like: I commit to reach out to someone.

Obviously, don’t say who. That would just be creepy.

So, my thoughts for this week: count our blessings, take care of ourselves, keep planning, and reach out to others.

All for this week. Stay healthy, stay positive, and remember, we will find our way. I promise.

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