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Hello, Douglas Spencer here with my final weekly virtual check-in. Final, that is, until we have another shelter-in-place order. The world is slowly starting to open up so I thank you for giving me a public venue in which to commit to staying positive.

But, all is not right with the world, of course. There are still lots of reasons we all need to continue to commit to staying positive and, just as importantly, commit to affecting positive change.

As I tape this video, George Floyd is being laid to rest but injustices against people of color continue as they have for centuries. They won’t stop until we all at some level confront the systemic racism that exists in our country and elsewhere.

For everyone, that’s different. I’m in no position to tell you what yours are but I know I do have a number of things to work on, and that’s on me.

When it comes to the pandemic, that’s not over yet either, of course, by a long shot. Regardless, I’m planning to stay cautious and, more importantly, help my clients redefine what they do best, relative to what’s now needed most. Then tell the world!

With that, stay healthy, stay positive, and join me in finding our way through to whatever new normal awaits.

Thank you.

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