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A very different weekly check-in.

Douglas Spencer here with my weekly virtual check in where I typically commit to staying positive. That has been a very challenging prospect over the last week. It’s hard to be positive when:

  • My fellow Americans continue to die because of the color of their skin.
  • Riots fill the streets—literally the streets where I live
  • A President moves to silence a media platform that dare calls him out on his lies
  • And, who uses the US military against US citizens exercising their First Amendment rights of free speech for a photo opp, holding a Bible that he surely had to borrow from someone else.

If you’re surprised that I am “going there” in what is typically a professional social media exercise, don’t. As I wrote in a blog post yesterday, we can no longer pretend that times have not changed. And what was once best practice—staying neutral on challenging or political topics—needs to change too.

Organizations have a moral obligation to make clear what they deem intolerable—or tolerable by their silence. And if a moral obligation isn’t enough to move a company into action, know that the new generation of consumers require it.

Not simply accepting what’s happening without talking about is one of the ways I will reaffirm my commitment to staying positive.

Black Live Matters
Our Democracy Matters

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