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It’s never polite to ask if someone’s had work done, so Douglas will spare you the embarrassment and suspense. We have! We have a new website! It’s on a much more robust platform, sports an added expression to our visual identity and, most importantly, our new messaging platform: Start with Brand™!

[tweetshare tweet= “The right brand strategy will drive growth and improvement across entire organizations.”]

Granted, if you have been paying attention, you will have seen the Start with Brand™ references before. However, now, it is embedded into all our messaging.

Start with Brand™ speaks to our deeply held conviction that the right brand strategy, correctly executed, will drive growth and improvement across entire organizations. Here’s the Start with Brand™ manifesto:

Your brand strategy is your business’ very best friend. It’s part coach, part conscience. Part parent, part partner. Judge and jury. Conductor and station agent. Most of all your brand strategy keeps you focused on who you are, what you do, and how you do it differently than anyone else.


Full transcription below.


[00:00:00] Hi, Douglas Spencer here with a Brand Minute.


[00:00:03] Today, I am here to talk to you about our website. If you’ve been there recently, you will see that it’s very different. It’s beautiful, and but more importantly it has a new messaging platform called Start with Brand. Start with Brand is more than a tagline, and I know everybody says taglines are always more than a tagline, but in this case it’s true.

[tweetshare tweet=”Start with Brand™ represents our true belief that everything important to your business will be better if it is based on a well thought-out and well executed brand strategy.” username=”SB_Branding”] [00:00:26]  With the right brand strategy, you will find efficiencies, you will find focus, you will engage your employees, you will connect with your customers.

[tweetshare tweet=”Everything that is needed to build your business will happen a lot more easily with the right brand strategy.” username=”SB_Branding”] [00:00:47] Everything that is needed to build your business will happen a lot more easily with the right brand strategy. We truly believe that and we’d love for you to check it out: Let us know what you think; very eager to hear your thoughts. And a quick shout out to Matt, Kim, and Steve who made this website come to life. Have a great day everybody. Take care.

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