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Recently, I had the great opportunity to present a webinar to members of the In-House Agency Forum, a professional association for those companies which rely on internal agencies to meet their marketing needs. In-house agencies face a number of challenges that traditional, external agencies do not: not the least of which is balancing the client v. colleague dynamic.

I especially love speaking to this group because they are in a unique position to influence the growth and support of their brands. (I also love these kinds of webinars because I get to assume that everyone is laughing riotously at all my jokes.)

The questions brand education can answer

Throughout the webinar, we asked some questions, which participants answered in real time.

  • Can you confidently say that you understand all the pressures your internal clients are under?

  • Do your internal clients understand the impact the brand strategy has on the company’s success?

  • Do your clients understand what makes for a strong brand?

  • Do your clients share your reverence for the brand?

Of the four questions, we asked, 75% – 85% answered in the negative.

That means there are a lot of people in our corporations walking around in some serious information vacuums.

  • Marketers and creatives do not understand the pressures that business line managers face.

  • Business line managers do not really understand marketing and branding fundamentals, and why they’re critical for a company’s success.

Not good.

Enter: Brand Education

Fortunately, that does not have to be the case. A brand education program at any level can work wonders for getting everyone behind the brand. I have personally witnessed brand growth explode with the right amount and right type of education. From the c-suite to entry-level roles, everyone should understand the core brand as well as the aspects that apply specifically to their jobs. And they can.

Brand education is a lot like exercising. Are you afraid you can’t commit to training for a marathon? Even walking a bit more every day will help make your more fit. Brand education is the same way. Can’t invest thousands into a company-wide brand-a-pa-looza? No problem. Start with lunch and learns for some of your more influential colleagues.

If your company does have larger budgets and a more robust learning system, work with your colleagues in Human Resources to develop content for their learning management system (LMS).

Go big or go small, here your brand education program must include:

  • The focal point of your brand. What makes you, you.

  • The core elements that every communication, every interaction should reinforce.

  • How your brand comes to life, also known as its personality attributes.

  • The importance of a brand strategy and its impact on a company’s success. (The 23% data point is just one of many.)

  • Any resources that are available to them.

If you start imparting that knowledge to your colleagues, even a little at a time, your brand’s growth is all but assured. And if you need some help, let us know. That’s why we’re here.

— Douglas Spencer

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