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why a brand center

Why is consistency so hard to maintain? Here’s why a brand center can help.

Simple: Most organizations have not clearly articulated the correct and incorrect ways their messages come to life. That means the proverbial can is open, and there are worms everywhere.

That’s where brand centers come in. Unlike your public-facing website—which houses your actual message—brand centers have a much more focused audience: the people who share your message with the world.

No matter what your organization does, if it has a message, it can benefit from a brand center, a central repository of your organization’s:

  • Education, the reasons behind your message: why you do what you do and the best ways to talk about it;
  • Brand assets, such as logos, color values, images, and fonts;
  • Procedures and policies that are not appropriate for a public website; and
  • Much more.

One of our clients even has a page on their brand center just for board members—a single stop for all the information they need to make their board service easy and effective.

Take a look at ours. Interested in how one can bring consistency and efficiency to your organization? Let’s talk. We’re happy to make one just for you.

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