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When you think of an annual report, what comes to mind? For most, if it comes to mind at all, it’s pages and pages of dense content covering financial statements, a year’s worth of activity, and projections for the year ahead. There are profiles of all the organization’s c-suite, its board of directors, and boring chart after chart after chart.

It doesn’t have to be that way! Enter the digital Annual Report! Digital annual reports have the potential to:

  • Attract new stakeholders, retain existing stakeholders, and turn readers into donors and partners;
  • Work for you throughout the year, not just at launch;
  • Bring your story to life through different media;
  • Showcase your work in a different context;
  • Shape and promote the narrative of your story;
  • Counter misconceptions;
  • Serve as a benchmark that, over time, demonstrates your positive growth; and
  • Tie your successes to the careful management of your bottom line.

The annual report should not be thought of as a separate exercise from the brand messaging strategy of an organization, according to award-winning annual report expert and Spencer Brenneman collaborator Katharine Ramsden.

“Annual reports shouldn’t be orphans, once-a-year exercises,” she says. “They should be part of the rhythm of an organization’s operations and communication strategy.”

In our white paper, “Annual Reports: More like Perennial Reports!” we explore:

  • How to integrate a digital annual report into your operations;
  • What your report should and shouldn’t contain;
  • The characteristics of a really strong one; and
  • Plus, much more!

Download your free copy of the report now.

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