Brand Minute: National Donut Day

This past fall, we took a look at the brand loyalty among coffee brands as the start of cooler weather rolled in. Notably, pumpkin spice lattes versus Dunkin’ Iced Coffee.

Brand Banter: Diversity and Your Brand

To coincide with Pride Month, Diversity Consultant and former Chief Diversity Officer at Fidelity Investments John Basile joins a Brand Banter to talk about the role diversity plays in building and sustaining a strong brand. In this talk, he and Spencer Brenneman President & Chief Brand Strategist Douglas Spencer discuss the need for broader participation around […]

McDonald’s acquisition of a machine learning startup

McDonald’s acquisition of machine learning startup Dynamic Yield was almost as big a surprise as when we found that out their fries were once fried in beef fat. Some were surprised. Others? Not so much. By taking a serious interest in machine learning—well, literally a full interest— McDonald’s is simply keeping pace with technology and […]

The Apple Brand and its Business Model Shift

Apple Brand, Apple Brand Strategy, Apple Card, Apple Announcement

How will Apple’s shifting business model impact the Apple brand strategy? Great question!   On March 28, 2019, Apple announced its plans for news distribution, content creation and distribution, and money distribution (vis a vis a new credit card). These announcements are the latest signs of the company’s shift from a device to a content […]

Tech for Agencies, Branding Edition

tech for agencies

All businesses, particularly small ones, need to work as efficiently as possible, which is why tech for agencies is an important subject for me. It doesn’t hurt that I love technology: gadgets, software, AI (artificial intelligence). It brings out the inner geek that’s not so inner. Here’s what we use at Spencer Brenneman to deliver […]

BlackBerry’s Return and Your Brand

The once great BlackBerry

Welcome Back, Blackberry! I remember my first BlackBerry, it was my first big promotion. I was one of the new marketing leadership team members formed by the new CMO. At our first team meeting, he informed us all we would be getting Blackberrys–the phones, not the beepers (yes, this was a long time ago.) “Why?” […]

Building a luxury brand from the ground up: The story of Grey Goose

Luxury brands, Grey Goose

Creating a luxury brand is no easy feat. It’s often a challenge because provenance—the story, or the heritage, behind luxury brands—can’t be made overnight. No matter how much a company invests in the branding of their luxury clothing line, Audrey Hepburn isn’t going to wear it. Coco Chanel, on the other hand, can produce any […]

The second part to a better creative process

Better creative process

Our recent white paper on making data-driven design decisions was born from a presentation I was asked to make at the 2018 HOW Design Live conference. The presentation, “From Gift Wrapper to Strategic Partner: How Creatives Can Elevate the World’s Perception of Their Work,” focused on how using data and improving the relationship between Creatives and […]

Starbucks, racial bias, and brand humanity


Rapidly changing consumer demands for humanity and how Starbucks is tackling racial bias. Let’s talk about Starbucks. Unless you’re in a coma, you must have heard about the two black men arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks for sitting there without ordering anything. First, let’s discuss the obvious. I am not a person of color. My […]

Before you craft a rebranding strategy

rebranding strategy, Jenn-Air

“I don’t have an opinion. I don’t know their rebranding strategy.” That’s the answer I usually give when someone asks me what I think of a high-profile rebrand, such as the 2016 rebrand of Uber and last year’s rebrand of Accenture and Mozilla. Of course, I always have my personal, visceral reactions to some rebrands, […]