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Northern California Public Media

One of the many challenges facing any media outlet is keeping up with the constantly changing media landscape in the United States. Broadcasters, or as they’re called now, legacy media, have had a tough time, in general, trying to stay ahead of the trends. Layer on top of that the competition they face from one another, regardless of geography, and you have a unique messaging challenge. Darren LaShelle, President and CEO of Northern California Public Media tells us how they differentiate themselves from other outlets and non-traditional media using content.

Key Takeaways

  1. Differentiation lets you tell a more compelling, cohesive story
  2. Differentiation lets you simplify your message
  3. It’s important to keep in mind where and how your audience is consuming your content

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Episode Guest

Darren LaShelle is an Emmy award-winning Executive Producer for the science and technology TV series “Plugged-In.” He has written and produced documentaries, studio-based and magazine series, commercials, public service announcements, promotional material, and news production.

Currently, he is the President & CEO for Northern California Public Media in the San Francisco Bay Area. Darren also acts as Executive Producer for all media projects developed within the organization. As well, he is the Executive Producer of a number of nationally broadcast documentary programs on public television. At California Public Media, he oversees TV programs and series, radio news and productions, Web site design and implementation, and organizational marketing.

He has a Bachelor of Arts in Radio/TV from Marietta College.

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