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MIT Alumni Association

Episode Summary:

For years, with members all around the globe, the MIT Alumni Association produced events both big and small to keep alumni connected to their alma mater. In this episode, we hear from Jamie Brogioli, Director of Alumni and Friends Engagement for the MIT Alumni Association. He walks us through all the stop-on-a-dime twists and turns of shifting a global event program online.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Virtual events give you access to previously unattainable people, both as speakers and guests.
  2. Virtual events can level the playing field for geographically distributed audiences.
  3. Speaking to a live audience is different than speaking to a virtual one, so the messaging has to reflect that.
  4. Expectations are changing, mainly around showing up; now there’s no excuse not to now.

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Guest Biography

Jamie Brogioli. Jamie Brogioli is the Director of Alumni and Friends Engagement at the MIT Alumni Association. He oversees the Association’s events and class programs teams and works closely with MIT’s fundraising office on a series of events supporting MIT’s 6 billion dollar campaign.

Jamie just completed his 20th year at the Institute and has worked in a variety of capacities at MIT, managing regional programs, the parents association, and student/alumni relations.

Prior to joining MIT, Jamie worked in a variety of community-based organizations supporting fundraising efforts including Silent Spring Institute, Boston Children’s Services, AIDS Action Committee, and Project Bread.

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