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Erin Lebacqz
Episode Summary

Writing is an essential aspect of our lives since we learned our ABCs. We write every day; whether we’re drafting a document for our colleagues at work, writing an email to a client, or texting a loved one on Instagram, it is a unique skill.

However, it should be done purposefully. How do you pass your message with clarity if you’re writing for a group of people? This episode of Messaging on a Mission reveals insights from Erin Lebacqz – an expert in writing intentionally. She sheds light on how people can communicate clearly and gain confidence through their writing.

Key Takeaways

Writing is situational. Your writing should be based on the reader and the situation, not on random rules and norms.

There is not one correct way to write. You should implement different writing for different scenarios or circumstances.

You can have more impact on your voice when you write confidently and flexibly. Be the authority over your writing and analyze the situation to determine the purpose.

Your readers or listeners receive your words in two ways with two different types of meaning. First, they get the informational meaning, and second, the emotional meaning.

If you’re writing to a large group of people, your writing should be clear, simple, and concise to remove ambiguity.

If your point might be contentious, try longer, emotional writing to convey the message.

About Our Guest

Erin Lebacqz helps people write with clarity, confidence, and emotional intelligence. Erin’s curriculum and book, High-Value Writing, captures Erin’s 25 years of experience working with business and academic writers worldwide. Her interactive sessions engage learners in purposeful discussions that respect learners’ desire for intellectual growth while also providing practical strategies they can immediately apply in the workplace.

Erin has trained and taught in the United States and Asia in the finance, manufacturing, trades, non-profit, higher education, healthcare, and public sectors. Clients have included the U.S. Forest Service, the European Commission, UC Davis, DeGorontalo Independent Media Outlet in Indonesia, Wuhan University in China, CalHR, city and county governments throughout California, and international customs agencies.

Erin developed her expertise in both the theory and practice of learning through twenty years of instructional and administrative service in public higher education in California, New Mexico, and abroad. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from UC San Diego, a Secondary Education Teaching Credential with an emphasis on intercultural and multilingual learning from San Jose State University, and a Master of Arts degree in Professional Writing from the University of New Mexico. She is a certified ICBI Intercultural Global Coach and a Master Trainer in workplace ESL using ELTS’ Peace Corps-endorsed Color Vowel Chart system and has won awards such as Inspirational Teacher of the Year. Erin is functionally bilingual in Spanish/English.

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