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Douglas Spencer
Episode Summary

We’re doing something a bit different this week! No guest, just host Douglas Spencer talking about some of the most common ways that messages fail the organizations they’re created to support. You’ll hear about specific actions you can take to see if your message is up to the task of supporting your important work.

Key Takeaways

Four ways your message can fail you: It is out of date, too jargony, too broad, or doesn’t have a clear purpose.

Messages must reflect the personality of the organization, make sense to everyone, differentiate your work and connect to a high purpose.

In fundraising and business development, try:

  • Benchmarking
  • Research
  • A/B Testing
  • Messaging Audit

For talent management, try:

  • Employee surveys
  • Messaging Audit
  • Exit Interviews
About Our Guest

Douglas Spencer is president of Spencer Brenneman, LLC, which helps lo mission-driven organizations reframe their focus and remaster their messages to thrive in any environment. In 2021, Douglas launched the podcast, Messaging on a Mission. In it, he talks to leaders of nonprofits, social enterprises, and associations about their journeys and the messages they’re using to thrive. He is also the author of Do They Care? The one question all brands should ask themselves, continually, a book that shows leaders how they can create meaningful connections with everyone important to their organization’s success.

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Douglas Spencer


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