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grassroots messaging
Episode Summary

According to Forbes, the top three charities in the United States are United Way Worldwide and Feeding America. The United Way started slowly over time as more and more “federated giving” organizations came together. Feeding America had a faster, but still slower start as one man’s volunteerism took on a life of its own. This episode looks at the grassroots messaging of The Kindness Collaborative, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit born from the pandemic. Learn how they kept their message sharp.

About Our Guest

Alex Bromberg founded the original group that became the Kindness Collaborative in March of 2020. Long before that, he’d been involved in activism dating back to 2000. In 2009 he formed “The Liberty Project” which focused on shedding divisive labels and teaching people to work together toward key/shared concepts of individual liberty and social equality. After witnessing the amazing organic action of all the regular people throughout the community who had stepped up to help one another in the original group, Alex teamed up first with Darcie Nuttall, and then the other founders, to establish the Kindness Collaborative. Their goal of creating a way to channel all the kindness and compassion of the community and organizing it into a major force of good has been realized in the movement it has created.

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