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Creating a Fundraising Board
Episode Summary

Despite the fact that data show being asked by someone to support an organization is one of the most effective ways to fundraise, many nonprofit board members are not comfortable asking their communities for support. This episode of Messaging on a Mission looks at why as well as how to change that.

Key Takeaways

Organizations often do not recruit new board members with this expectation. It’s more than a monthly or quarterly meeting. They cannot assume that potential board members have that kind of experience.

When considering a board position, one should also ask questions about expectations.

Help board members by having them foster the invitation and someone else—ideally another volunteer, not a staff member—do the ask.

The board chair should have an intentional conversation with the board and leadership staff to say, “Here’s our situation financially. Here’s why it’s important that we raise money, in order to do what we say we want to do in order to meet our mission or advance on our vision of how our community should look or we want it to look from there.”

Provide them with the coaching and tools they would need to become effective fundraising board members.

“There’s just a lot more handholding that needs to happen before you can kind of expect a board member to really understand and feel the confidence that they could help you in this way.”

Organizations have to want and have an intention about the community and how they want to engage with it.

A public values framework is useful in helping people listen with intention, to what somebody else is saying is important to them.

About Our Guest

Scottie Seawell is Principal Consultant and Co-founder of Leading and Governing Associates, a governance education and leadership consulting practice working with public purpose governing boards – nonprofit and elected – on public engagement, public values decision-making, strategic planning, and navigation, and organizational capacity building. Scottie works with folks of all political stripes to effectively engage their communities and with each other. She has worked at the federal, state, and local levels in policy areas focused on children, families, and education. She believes passionately in the power of a well-educated citizenry, engaged in democratic processes and representative governance, to build a better future for all.

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