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Ethical Digital

Is it possible to create an ethical digital landscape? Katrina German of believes so. In this episode of Messaging on a Mission, she outlines how her organization is using research and strategy to create an internet that is respectful and kind. From increasing the number of women in technology-focused venture capital to expanding the number of indigenous women pursuing technology careers, she and her colleagues have a plan.

Key Takeaways

We should be holding Facebook accountable to those same levels that we’re holding other corporations to be ensuring that what they’re doing and the activities that they’re participating in are actually enhancing our society because they have such a strong role right now that’s just beyond than anybody could have ever imagined.

Look at the Facebook issue not just from the perspective of public wellbeing, but also from a corporate law perspective. Hold the board of directors responsible for making certain their product is not harming people. is doing a large research study with the diversity Institute at a Ryerson university to talk about what are the barriers for women entering into venture capital.

They are also working on a certification program for ethical digital marketing.

For ways to support a more ethical digital experience: Think about the kind of content you are putting out there. Are you creating unhealthy feelings of FOMO (fear of missing out)? Instead of posting just about yourself, post about others who are doing important work.

Try to inspire people, not scare them.

Turn off your phone notifications and only check your phone when you have time.

Episode Guest

Katrina German is an award-winning entrepreneur specializing in communications, technology, and digital strategy. As the CEO and founder of, she and her team are changing the trajectory of the internet through digital strategy, research, and big action. Katrina is in the CBC Future 40 Under 40, has won the YWCA Women of Distinction Award for Entrepreneurship, Startup Canada Prairie Award for Innovation, represented Canada at the G20 YEA Summit in Berlin, Germany, and has won the prestigious international Women in Tech award for “Women in Communications”. Katrina is a strong believer in measured results, radical creativity, and using technology to improve workflow.

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