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Messaging For Impact

Your organization makes an impact. Clearly, or you would not do what you do. However, why doesn’t anyone know about your impact? There are a lot of reasons why and that’s exactly what we cover in today’s episode of Messaging on a Mission. Fundraising expert Megan Amundson walks us through why should create a culture of impact and how, both internally and externally.

Key Takeaways

Two main reasons people do not continue to give to your organization: they weren’t thanked properly and/or they cannot see the impact their gifts have had.

Organizations should talk about impact 4x a year.

You should be talking about impact four times a year — literally just so people don’t forget about you.

Impact messages are not reports: They are bite-sized stories about something impressive and impactful that you did.

For long-term goals, tell stories about the continuing activities designed to eventually meet that goal.

Your stakeholders actually want to know (a) that you have a big vision (b) that you’re fighting for it that you’re strategic, that you’re smart. Tell them frequently.

Episode Guest

Megan Amundson helps nonprofit organizations raise more money from individual donors by training and coaching leaders to develop fundraising skills and confidence and implement best practices. She helps small and medium-sized organizations make small changes to their fundraising program that have big results. All while using the organization’s current capacity.

Megan has spent almost 20 years in the nonprofit sector holding many different roles, including Executive Director, board member, and major gift officer. She brings unique experience to her clients, helping them build more sophisticated fundraising programs with limited resources.

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