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Marketing with Content

One of the best ways to use content effectively is to repurpose it. So, that’s what we’re doing with this episode of Messaging on a Mission. The same content will also air in an episode of the Relish This! podcast! Relish This! Host Stu Swineford and Messaging on a Mission Host Douglas Spencer talk about all the opportunities content marketing presents mission-driven organizations.

Key Takeaways

For the best search engine optimization (SEO), start with the audience in mind and make sure that you’re writing for them, that you’re creating valuable information and valuable materials.

Content has to be dynamic, it has to be useful and it has to speak to your audiences in new ways.

Set content goals that are realistic and achievable.

Creating community is critical: before and after the first transaction.

Get someone to help you step outside of your world and figure out your organization’s value proposition. That is also an investment in your content because it allows you to stay on message.

Episode Guest

Stu Swineford is a mountain-fella, cinephile, and Co-Founder of Relish Studio, a digital marketing firm that creates conversion-focused marketing solutions for purpose-focused leaders seeking to expand their mission.

His first memory is of his father holding him on the front lawn, pointing to the middle distance, and saying, “See that? That’s a tornado!” It’s been a whirlwind ever since.

Stu started his marketing journey in sales while working at a mail-order bike company while deciding whether or not to go to med school. He opted for “not,” but when approached about writing about bikes, he jumped at the opportunity to add “copywriter” to his list of responsibilities.

When the graphic designer quit several weeks later, he figured, “If I know how to turn on the Mac, I can certainly figure this out, right?” and found himself the Head of Marketing of one of the country’s top 3 mail order bike companies at the age of 24.

Print design quickly shifted to digital. After gaining experience leading teams throughout the full production cycle of websites and app development, Stu lost his mind and decided that running a digital marketing agency was a good idea. Relish Studio was born. (See that? That’s a tornado.)

When he’s not helping purpose-driven leaders fuel the growth of their organizations, Stu can be found traipsing around the woods near the cabin in which he has lived with his wife Rachel, and their menagerie of pets since 1993. He may also be watching movies, reading, or polishing the details on his latest (possibly ill-advised) master plan for world domination.

One tip to find content: Take a second and pause and think about one thing about your work that you know but not everyone else might understand.

Your employees, no matter what you do, have to have the same messaging with each other and with the people that they interact with, that you do in your more traditional marketing. Why? Because consistency is massively important.

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