BlackBerry’s Return and Your Brand

The once great BlackBerry

Welcome Back, Blackberry! I remember my first BlackBerry, it was my first big promotion. I was one of the new marketing leadership team members formed by the new CMO. At our first team meeting, he informed us all we would be getting Blackberrys–the phones, not the beepers (yes, this was a long time ago.) “Why?” […]

Branding Construction: A Literal (and Figurative) Guide

Building a Brand | Spencer Brenneman, LLC

Brand Construction: A Literal (and Figurative) Guide Branding construction has two important facets that turn an idea into a business foundation: passion and business goals. One without the other simply isn’t enough, but when properly combined, they make all the difference. In this post, we’ll highlight how a brand helps encourage business success, and list […]

Guest Post: UI and Brand, the role of efficiency

UI and brand, Efficiency

Providing an informative and efficient user interface (UI) experience is a key component of your organization’s brand. Similar to any consumer or B2B experience, people have ongoing and competing demands for their time—make their website visits positive, and you are setting yourself up for repeat business and more satisfied customers. When it comes to UI […]

Building a luxury brand from the ground up: The story of Grey Goose

Luxury brands, Grey Goose

Creating a luxury brand is no easy feat. It’s often a challenge because provenance—the story, or the heritage, behind luxury brands—can’t be made overnight. No matter how much a company invests in the branding of their luxury clothing line, Audrey Hepburn isn’t going to wear it. Coco Chanel, on the other hand, can produce any […]

Storytelling and your brand: Three points to consider

Storytelling and your brand

Storytelling is not: “Our product does X, and you should buy it because Y.” Storytelling is a much more powerful way to help people understand what you’re all about other than simply explaining “this is what we do, here’s why you should buy.” As consumers expect more from the companies with whom they do business, […]

The second part to a better creative process

Better creative process

Our recent white paper on making data-driven design decisions was born from a presentation I was asked to make at the 2018 HOW Design Live conference. The presentation, “From Gift Wrapper to Strategic Partner: How Creatives Can Elevate the World’s Perception of Their Work,” focused on how using data and improving the relationship between Creatives and […]

Starbucks, racial bias, and brand humanity


Rapidly changing consumer demands for humanity and how Starbucks is tackling racial bias. Let’s talk about Starbucks. Unless you’re in a coma, you must have heard about the two black men arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks for sitting there without ordering anything. First, let’s discuss the obvious. I am not a person of color. My […]

How to Uncrate Your Customers

Brand loyalty, as good as man’s best friend?

How to Uncrate Your Customers Do you worry about brand loyalty? “We have the best product in our space, and our competitors are not what you would call ‘sophisticated’ with their brands. Why do we need to worry about ours?” Why do you need to worry about your brand, even when everything is going well? […]