January 2018 | Spencer Brenneman, LLC

January 2018

Recently, a client asked me to speak to a group of professionals re-entering the marketing workforce after a few years out. Specifically, the focus was what’s changed in modern marketing. How much time do you have? I started our discussion with “Things that are no longer a thing*.” The asterisk points to this caveat: “Or, at least not as a big a thing as they used to be.” This month, I thought I would share my list: Hardcore hierarchy and tenure as a trump card “Life-short” learning Sales and marketing divide Collateral-based sales support Email (on so many levels) Build it, and they will come Granted, at some companies and in some markets the degrees to which these statements apply vary. However, I

A quick thought about MOO's packaging. What are your thoughts on their packaging; is it too much or do you think its really cool? Let me know by commenting below!   Full transcription below.   [00:00:00] Hi, I'm Douglas Spencer and welcome to a Brand Out Minute.   [00:00:05] Today, we're gonna talk about packaging and we're going to talk about the customer journey. So first, I want to show you a package I recently received.   [00:00:16] Here it is, a package from Moo, which you can see, a nice label there. I have opened it up before, that's why the label looks wonky and torn, it didn't come that way. Embossed, yay!   [00:00:28] Let's see what's on the inside. Open it up, and first of all we

The well-designed annual report with the strategic intent of communicating with ALL of a company's audience goes well beyond your investors and pages of financial and legal notes to serve as a signature channel for your brand. In fact, the Annual Report is an important tool in your brand arsenal. Delivering that information and your story is critical, but many brands don't yet seize the opportunity by integrating their annual report in their overall brand strategy. While mandatory for many organizations and a powerful tool for others, this single communication presents information about your organization to many different audiences. How those readers engage with your Annual Report content influences their perceptions of your company in powerful ways. While an annual report is

It’s rare that something as important as creating a brand strategy is so much fun, but that was certainly the case when we worked with social media amplification startup GaggleAMP. They are the subject of our latest case study, “Creating a unified customer experience." The reason that working with GaggleAMP was so enjoyable was their commitment to the work, their clients’ successes, and to each other. We interviewed people at all levels and from around the world. Each had many of the same things to say about the company, all of which influenced where we ended up with the brand strategy. The other reason it was so enjoyable was how much of an open mind they kept throughout the process. One

As 2017 wrapped up, we asked some of Spencer Brenneman, LLC’s favorites to share their thoughts on what’s to come in 2018 in terms of marketing and branding trends. Here they are! Don’t be shy! Add your thoughts, either in agreement or disagreement! We can take it! Reply here or contact us! Kim Vanni LinkedIn Designer, Art Director, and all-around Creative Chick Kim Vanni, designs While Millennial Pink may not disappear, bolder color palettes will be everywhere and juxtaposed in unexpected combinations, especially in photography and typography (Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2018 is Ultra Violet). Likewise, look for double-exposure treatments in graphics and type and a continuation of the geometric–print trend with new and bold textures/backgrounds. The counterbalance: hand-drawn graphics and fonts, and

When you think of branding, what comes to mind? To many, branding stops at a logo, an ad, and maybe a catchy slogan. Those are just the cosmetics. To us, a brand is like a person. It has a face and voice. It has its own unique personality that resonates with customers and sparks a connection. At Spencer Brenneman, LLC, our philosophy revolves around one simple idea: in order for our customers’ businesses to thrive, they have to start with their branding strategy. Starting with brand means helping companies understand their higher purposes, the why they do what they do. It’s the foundation of their belief system. Getting them there is part strategy, part research, with just a little bit of soul

Millennials at the gate!  We’re in the middle of helping a professional services client update and refine their brand. As part of our work, we recently interviewed their current and potential clients. One detail became clear for our client, which probably applies to you as well: Within three to eight years, Millennials will make buying decisions for their services. Since creating a brand strategy takes into account the realities of today and the aspirations for tomorrow, understanding the Millennials' expectations for your brand is a crucial step in the process. Where are Millennial preferences likely to impact brand strategies most? Here are just a few: Technology — either the technology you sell or the technology you offer to support what you sell