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It’s rare that something as important as creating a brand strategy is so much fun, but that was certainly the case when we worked with social media amplification startup GaggleAMP. They are the subject of our latest case study, “Creating a unified customer experience.”

The reason that working with GaggleAMP was so enjoyable was their commitment to the work, their clients’ successes, and to each other. We interviewed people at all levels and from around the world. Each had many of the same things to say about the company, all of which influenced where we ended up with the brand strategy.

The other reason it was so enjoyable was how much of an open mind they kept throughout the process. One of my absolute favorite quotes came when one of them told me that he had originally thought the idea of a verbal identity was silly. However, after giving it a try, he admitted that it really did work. The prospects he was speaking to got it immediately.

In this particular case, the visual identity did not change dramatically: instead, we offered some subtle, but strategic tweaks to the color palette and use of fonts. You can’t see them in action quite yet, but check back in a few weeks when the website we designed for them is re-launched.

It’s projects like these that make what we do not only fun, but also rewarding—for us and for our clients. See for yourself in this case study.

— Douglas Spencer

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