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Ever go to a reunion, excited to see that man or woman you crushed on in college? You know the popular one—always had it together and was well-dressed and so very sexy? But, wait! Say it isn’t so! Now they’re enormous—not just with those few pounds time adds over the years, but big. They’re disheveled, exhausted, and just plain miserable. Somewhere between the baccalaureate and now, they simply gave up. Your heart sinks (or, perhaps, fills with pride and feelings of superiority).   That’s how I feel about American Airlines. Have they simply given up?   Over the past week, I have seen a flurry of negative reports. First, it was this one on Luxury Travel Diary, Avoid These Planes when You

My new favorite thing in the morning is reading The Morning Brew. It’s smart, clever, and just a cheeky enough to wake me up in the morning. Recently, Neal Freyman  wrote, “Honda Bets on GM in Race to Driverless Cars.”  It got me thinking, how can Honda maintain an err of superiority in its messaging when they have just given GM a $2.75 billion vote of confidence? And, how can GM take advantage of this coup without alienating their investor? Doing so will take more maneuvering than, well, driving a car. More importantly, what can the rest of us learn about our brands and the ones with which we compete but also sometimes collaborate? First, it’s important to recognize that your

Ah, Fall. Crisp leaves, beautiful hikes, hot apple cider, and a deep division in the loyalty of coffee brand lovers. Wait, what was that last one? Fall is an amazing season, especially here in Boston. But with Fall and all its beautiful changes in foliage comes something else: the return of Fall flavored specialty coffee beverages. In her article published in USA Today, Kelly Tyko makes the claim that we have Starbucks to blame (or praise) for the surge in popularity of the pumpkin spice flavored offerings. But what her claim ignores is that people have always cared about Fall and its flavors. Fall is a season of change in people’s lives; back to school, summer ending, new holidays down the pipeline—people

Budget season. Don’t hate us for bringing it up. We know it’s only September and summer is still in session even though most schools are too. However, soon it’s time to start thinking about your 2019 budget. As you begin to align your spending with your goals, we encourage you to consider adding these brand-related projects to your plans: [tweetshare tweet= "62% of companies evaluate their strategy every year, with another 20% judging them every five"] Brand Evaluations. In our 2017 white paper, “The B2B Brand Strategy,” we found that a remarkable 98.7% of companies believe they have a long-term brand strategy in place, but that doesn’t mean organizations aren’t evaluating and changing their strategies. In fact, 62% of companies evaluate their