We believe in brand.

At Spencer Brenneman, we believe that branding is the foundation upon which successful businesses are built. Period. We’re a virtual team of strategic thinkers and passionate creatives who share one goal: bringing your brand to life. We take the time to understand your business at its very core and match your individual needs with the talent that produce results.

Whether it’s creating a brand from scratch, giving your existing brand flexibility to grow with an evolving market, or bringing brands together into one cohesive identity, we can help. Through in-depth strategy, coaching, and consultation, we give you the power to take your brand to the next level.

By creating the roadmap for your brand to follow, we give your business a voice all its own. Are you ready to start with your brand?

The Virtue In Virtual

Having remote workers, especially those who were freelancers or contractors, was once considered risky. Their dedication and output were always under suspicion. Not anymore.

We embrace and celebrate the benefits of the virtual team:

  • Professionals working on projects because they want to, not because they were assigned to them
  • The ability to match specific skill sets or experiences to a corresponding need from a much larger pool
  • Faster completion of projects when everyone is working at different times
  • Continually fresh perspectives ensuring our work is up to date and never a victim of the dreaded, “but we’ve always done it that way” curse

We also embrace technology. A lot. By using the latest collaborative working tools, such as project management platforms and teleconferencing systems, we can compensate for many of the benefits single location teams enjoy.

Working virtually is a lifestyle choice. The people on our teams are not merely moonlighting: they are doing what they do best, the way they want to, on their own terms.  



Founder, President

Douglas Spencer is founder and president of Spencer Brenneman. He started the business because he wanted to bring the power of a well-crafted brand strategy to small- and mid-sized businesses.



Social Media Strategist

Neal Strauss is a Social Media Strategist who finds the best way to share your story with a growing audience. He matches your brand with the appropriate media vehicle in an effective and creative manner. Neal works with companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 corporations.



Senior Art Director

Kim's vast marketing and design experience runs the gamut from one of Forbes' ``Most Valuable Brands,`` to non-profit associations she cares about. There's even a 6-foot Papier-mâché dragonfly in her portfolio.



Operations Guru, Virtual Assistant

Mike has a flair for the pragmatic in supporting Spencer Brenneman operations. He handles scheduling, bookkeeping, and special projects.



Digital Designer, Web Developer

Matthew is a media specialist focused on building brands through disparate forms of media. With a background in photography, film, graphic design, & web development; a true one stop shop for crafting a company's identity & presence.



Economist & Writer

Michael has lived in several countries working as a freelance economist for companies on all five continents. He has a masters in finance and has written a book on customer experience.

Jan Hunter


PR Strategist and President, Hunter & Co Communications

Experienced public relations strategist, and former radio journalist with extensive experience in global public relations and marketing communications. Start-up advisor and content market leader.

steve thomas



Steve is a practiced marketing copywriter able to quickly match tone and voice to brands. He has over three years experience working with businesses and agencies, helping reach new customers and showcase what makes them unique.



Digital Marketing, Customer Experience, and Start-Up Strategist

Joseph's insight comes from leading a wide-range of strategic initiatives at American Express across customer types and product lines with a focus on digital. including the design, build, launch, and optimization of key customer journeys. An experienced entrepreneur, Joseph is the co-founder of Agency Spotter, the first digital marketplace for creative agencies.



Writer and Narrative Coach

In addition to writing for Spencer Brenneman, Taylor focuses on helping people learn about and modify the stories they tell, both inside and out, that affect their life, relationships, and career. In addition, a background in crisis stabilization mental health also helps him collaboratively assist his clients with interpersonal communication strategies.



Brand Marketing Strategist

Accomplished brand marketing professional with twelve years of experience ensuring optimal brand strategy, management, and execution. A passion for the power of brand experience - visually, verbally, and strategically.