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PHOTO CREDIT: Veronica BenavidesBlog

Finding the Right Message

Finding the right message requires one key ingredient that often is overlooked: embracing your difference. No matter what you’re trying to do—inspire, motivate, or convince—it should come from a differentiated…
Spencer Brenneman
April 5, 2021
How to Say NoBlog

How to Say No

How to say no can be a tricky situation, but you can do it confidently if you have the right tools and message. By design, social entrepreneurs, what we’ll call…
Spencer Brenneman
March 16, 2021
Why Messages FailBlog

Why Messages Fail

One of the main reasons why messages fail is that the writers don’t know what their audiences want to hear. You probably know what you want to say; most organizations…
Douglas Spencer
February 5, 2021
Protecting Your MissionBlog

Protecting Your Mission

Protecting your mission is top of mind for all leaders of mission-driven organizations, but protecting it from what, exactly? There are obvious threats, of course, such as financial solvency, reputation,…
Spencer Brenneman
December 3, 2020