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February Newsletter 2022

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messaging sequence

Why Message Sequence is Important

Have you ever packed for a trip before knowing where you’re going? Have you ever purchased furniture for a home you have not yet seen? Have you ever proposed to someone before you’ve met?

It's easy for all of us to forget that not everyone knows everything we do, because, to us, it's second nature.

All those questions are absurd, clearly. Yet more often than you might think, people come to us to create their logo or website before having a brand strategy. Even more often than that, people come to us because they have developed a logo or website before creating their brand strategy and are flummoxed by the fact it’s not working. As with all complicated processes, message sequence matters—the sequence of how it’s developed and how it’s delivered. Here are some high-level guidelines to keep you on track:


How to Maintain Your Subscribers

by Anthony Greer, Lead Copy Writer

Building an email list is one thing. Maintaining it is a whole different beast. Here are some helpful email marketing tips to maintain your subscribers:

Kindness is Key
Never underestimate the power of a “thank you” message. It’s a terrific way to engage with your new subscriber and start off on the right foot. For extra credit, include a surprise discount or freebie they weren’t expecting to get. If you’re already offering one, you can surprise them with a second one. Let subscribers know that you’re going the extra mile and that you may surprise them with future offers, as long as they are on your mailing list.


Listen Up: New Episodes Available!

If you’re not already subscribing to our podcast, Messaging on a Mission, what are you waiting for? Here are our two most recent episodes:

Episode 25: Interpreting Your Year End Results
This episode of Messaging on a Mission was recorded in November of 2021, five weeks before our guest’s untimely death from a heart attack. We aired the episode to honor his memory and share his insights with those who can benefit from them. We hope it gives you a glimpse of the remarkable professional and person he was.

Massachusetts Land Trust Coalition

In this recurring feature of Focal Point, we profile people and organizations on a mission! If you have someone to suggest, let us know!

DivInc is on a mission to generate social and economic equity through entrepreneurship. Since 2016, they have provided 73 tech companies led by 100 women and founders of color with critical strategies to succeed and grow their startups.

DivInc transforms the existing entrepreneur tech ecosystem into a more authentically inclusive environment. By staying laser-focused on building the programs and infrastructure that remove barriers experienced by underrepresented founders, DivInc enables them to build investable tech startup companies. Their work unleashes an untapped and hidden innovative talent within communities and generates an entrepreneur mindset shift for generations to come.

For more information, visit

Meet Maria Perez-Ramirez

Please meet Maria Perez-Ramirez, our new intern. Maria is a junior attending Marietta College (founder Douglas Spencer’s alma mater) where she is studying Strategic Communications with a focus on Organizational Communication and Public Relations. She is minoring in Health Communications and is also working on acquiring a certificate in Entrepreneurship.

Maria works as an Alumni Communications Ambassador for Marietta College, where she produces monthly videos updating alumni regarding her journey as a student. She is also heavily involved in her sorority, Sigma Kappa, as the Vice President of New Member Education. After graduating, she hopes to go to graduate school for her master’s in either health administration or human resource management.

Focal Pointing: Education

Here are resources for educating yourself and others on three important issues: food insecurity, child abuse, and the environment.

African American Museum Programs for Black History Months

Caring for Equality: A History of African American Health and Healthcare

Code Switch

Well Said

"While I may be the first woman in this office, I will not be the last. Because every little girl, watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities."

—— Kamala Harris

Kamala Devi Harris is an American politician and attorney who is the 49th and current vice president of the United States. She is the first female vice president and the highest-ranking female official in U.S. history, as well as the first African American and first Asian American vice president.

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