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There is no shortage of copywriting tips out there, but very few of them recommend finding the joy in your message! That’s a shame. It can create a more significant impact and help differentiate you from all the other messages your audience receives.

“Wait,” you may be saying. “Some topics are just too difficult to discuss with an undercurrent of joy.” That may be true. However, even many painful subjects can benefit from joy. Here are some copywriting tips that explain how.

Start at the end. Think about the end result of your work. How do people feel? Whether it is relief, happiness, or gratitude, tap into that! Paint an emotional picture of the impact your work has.

For example, a social enterprise focused on eliminating food container waste might use language like, “Imagine, it’s the year 2040, and landfills are not only smaller, they are practically devoid of unnecessary plastics and styrofoam. Imagine how that will feel! Together, it is possible!” 

Focus on the journey. One of our other favorite copywriting tips is to think about the positivity in the journey. Profile someone involved in the work—such as a donor, volunteer, or staff member—and highlight the personal satisfaction they get from the work you do. 

For example, let’s say you provide financial counseling and support to individuals struggling to make ends meet. Letting one of your client-facing team members speak on camera about the satisfaction they experience working with people can be very moving if done correctly. 

Compare and contrast. Another way to add joy to your message is to compare and contrast the promise of your work’s potential with the status quo or inaction. Describe how the world will be a better place once an issue is addressed, even if it’s lofty or seemingly unattainable. 

For example, many of our clients help victims of child abuse heal. They might consider using language like, “The impact of child abuse can never fully go away. Victims often face a never-ending parade of challenges, hardships, and setbacks when not addressed. But with the right care and guidance, they can go on to lead happy, productive, and joyous lives.”

For more ideas, check out this episode of our podcast, Messaging on a Mission, with Kim Sorrelle, which focuses on the Love in Your Message.

As with everything, balance is called for. Just as we wouldn’t want to be gloom and doom all the time, we must guard against using overly optimistic language that loses its believability. To maintain your authenticity, be sure to tap into your “Why.” (Learn more about how to find your Why here.)

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