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Whenever I speak with people about what I do, whenever I say, “I can help you build your brand,” they typically come from one of two camps: They totally get it and how a brand strategy impacts the entirety of an organization. Or, one of these Top 10 misguided reasons is keeping them having an updated brand strategy. These reasons do get a little snarky, but it’s all in good fun. Enjoy!

1. We did that when we started the company.

Oh, well then, by all means, stay that course. Be certain to send us updates from your BlackBerry from time to time. Or better yet, fax them to us!

2. None of my competitors seem to care about their brands.

Then hop to it! That is a gift horse with a mouth you do not want to see. One of a brand’s key benefits is setting you apart from your competition. Work it!

3. We need to focus on our products.

Agreed! Which is why you need to build your brand strategy. Think of your brand strategy as your product strategy’s coach. The good kind, though, not the kind that gives you ulcers.

4. We can’t afford to invest in our brand.

Let us guess. You don’t buy oil for your car, either, because that goop can get pri-ceee!

5. But I like my logo!

Who said anything about your logo? That’s like saying, “We’re not going to repair the foundation of our house because we really love the color.”

6. Brands are just for big companies. We don’t need that kind of stuff.

Guess you don’t need happy, repeat customers, or engaged, productive employees either.

7. I’m the founder and president. I am the brand.

Fair enough. As long as you’re sure that you (a) will never want to sell, (b) don’t care if the business continues after you “get hit by a bus,” or (c) can convince the next wave of decision-makers that you’re just as cool as Bernie Sanders.

8. We compete on price. The brand doesn’t matter.

Good for you. Oh, wait, except data show that the buyers now make decisions based on more than just price—even for what you sell. But that must be fake news.

9. People are not loyal to brands anymore.

That’s partially true. People are not loyal to brands anymore when those brands become irrelevant and inauthentic.

10. It’s way too complicated. We do not have the bandwidth for that.

You’re not wrong, there. It does require some focus and resources, but with the right guide, the process is manageable, exhilarating, and well worth the effort!

If you want to talk, we’re all ears! Contact us, now.

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