October 2017 | Spencer Brenneman, LLC

October 2017

How will you thank your clients and customers this year? Take a minute with Douglas' newest Brand Out Minute! Full transcription below. [00:00:00] Hi, Douglas Spencer here with Spencer Brenneman, and I have a Brand Out Minute just for the folks in the United States.   [00:00:07] I apologize if you're from elsewhere, but this one's really not going to be for you. This one's just for the Yanks, and I apologize to the Yanks because I'm gonna bring up Thanksgiving, and I know we're all, we're all buried under Christmas and Halloween and all the holidays come at us so quickly, so I hesitate to bring up one that's six to seven weeks away. [tweetshare tweet="A brand is the emotional connection a customer has

Many marketers are getting data all wrong. Are you? Here are some stats I came across last week, and they should not surprise anyone. Anyone, of course, other than the marketers who chase after the 50-something demographic, because apparently, they’re doing it all wrong. According to a study from social networking sites Gransnet and Mumsnet, 85% of Brits age 50 or over believe ads aimed at older people rely on stereotypes, with 79% claiming that advertisers patronize their age group. It goes on to say that this group hates words like “older,” “‘silver,” “‘mature,” and “senior.” More than half (52%) say brands whose ads resonate with them win their business. I can relate. Every once in a while, a perfectly lovely morning walk with