CES Brands, a recap | Spencer Brenneman

CES Brands

CES Brands

Hello! Douglas Spencer, President & Chief Brand Strategist of Spencer Brenneman here with a Brand Minute. Sadly, I did not attend this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (aka CES) but I am just enough of a geek to keep close tabs on what when down. Here is just two takeaways I have from my CES stalking.

Video Expectations to Change

From what I can tell, LG ruled the show with a number of new offerings, including TV screens that roll away into furniture. And not just any TV screens, 8k screens.  Other manufacturers had 8k too, of course, which means our expectations for picture quality is about to change. LG also revealed ultra-wide monitorsand we’re talking ULTRA wide: 49 inches!


Here’s why these developments will be important: The availability, quality, and application of video is about to change how we use the platform drastically. With screens we can mold around almost any surface, brands’ reliance on video to tell their stories is about to get real. Really real. Just imagine the possibilities and the expectations!

AI is here to stay

New video capabilities were one of the major CES themes. AI and robotics was, of course, the other. Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay—and—it’s much further along than most people realize.  From bots to robotics, AI will quickly take over soul-crushing and back-breaking work. As that work shifts, so too will our relationship with our customers and employees. Brands will have to stay ahead of those changes to ensure they stay relevant and competitively differentiated.


Those are just two thoughts that came into my head after CES. Do you have any? Were you there? Am I off base? Let me know. And thanks. Have a great day.