Brand Minute: Look Who Cares

Who’s created a brand you care about? We want to know which people or companies have done the best job. tweetshare tweet= #LookWhoCares, to win a copy of ‘Do They Care?’. Visit for more information about the book.


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Full transcription below.

[00:00:00] Hi, I’m Douglas Spencer.

[00:00:02] Take a second and think about some of the world’s most successful brands; some of your favorites. All of them have something in common. They have well articulated visual and verbal identities. They are consistent everywhere and they have some rockin’ marketing. But there’s something else that all successful brands have, that we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about, or talking about and that is people who care. Inside and outside of every strong brand are people who care. How does that happen? Well you can find out in my new book, Do They Care? The one question every brand should ask themselves, continually. 

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[00:00:40] You can find out more information about that on The book starts out with a look at employees because you cannot have caring customers if you do not have caring employees. How do you create a work environment that engenders that kind of connection? We then move on to customers, of course, because those are pretty important, as well as everybody else.

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[00:01:02] So the press, the media, uh, government, neighbors, and even you.

[00:01:09] Yep, you. We also spend some time talking about mergers and acquisitions and how to create a place where people care, even during those times. Cause let’s face it, those times are tough. What about you? Can you think of an example? Do you know of someone, or, or a company that has created a brand that people really care about? If so use the hashtag, #LookWhoCares and tell us. The first 10 people to do so will get a copy of Do They Care? for free. Again, you can find out more information about Do They Care? at Thanks!


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